CLJA Applauds Gov. Brown’s Supreme Court Appointment of Joshua Groban

California Latino Judges Association applauds Governor Brown’s selection of Joshua Groban for appointment to the California Supreme Court.  Over his seven years of service as Senior Legal Advisor to the Governor, Mr. Groban has demonstrated his commitment to equal access to justice.  He tirelessly crisscrossed California meeting with judges, lawyers, and other members of the community to find the most qualified and most representative judicial candidates.  He has worked tirelessly with the Governor to transform California’s judiciary to reflect its populace, personally interviewing hundreds of judicial candidates in the process.  CLJA appreciates Mr. Groban’s work ethic, integrity and inclusiveness on behalf of the Governor.  CLJA is delighted he will now sit on the California Supreme Court, so that he may continue to have substantial input on the betterment of California’s system of justice and make use of his legal and intellectual prowess previously demonstrated during his years in private practice.  California Latino Judges Association congratulates Mr. Groban and welcomes him to the judicial branch.