CLJA Press Release Re Gov. Newsom’s Supreme Court Nominee, Justice Jenkins

The California Latino Judges Association (CLJA) celebrates Governor Newsom’s historic nomination on October 5, 2020 of Justice Martin Jenkins (Ret.) to the California Supreme Court. CLJA congratulates Justice Martin Jenkins (Ret.) on his nomination and announces our enthusiastic support for him as he awaits confirmation by the Commission on Judicial Appointments.

CLJA has worked extensively with Justice Jenkins (Ret.) in his role as Governor Newsom’s Judicial Appointments secretary. Justice Jenkins (Ret.) has been tireless in visiting legal communities throughout the state and in encouraging judicial applicants from a widespread cross-section of California lawyers. While being interviewed by Justice Jenkins (Ret.) for judicial appointment by Governor Newsom, CLJA members have found Justice Jenkins (Ret.) to be warm, friendly, and humble, as well as authentic and inspirational. He has performed admirably while vetting judicial candidates for Governor Newsom to appoint to California’s courts and we will miss him in this role.

CLJA also knows Justice Jenkins (Ret.) as a former California trial judge, federal district court judge, and California appellate justice. CLJA joins other highly respected jurists and lawyers in welcoming Justice Jenkin’s addition to the California Supreme Court. He has the legal acumen, intelligence, and work ethic to serve with distinction on California’s Supreme Court. That he will serve as the first openly LGBTQ member of the court, and as its third male African-American justice, gives resonance to Governor Newsom’s promise to have California’s judiciary reflect its populace. As fellow jurists we are especially thrilled to have a member of the California Supreme Court who has previously served in the trenches with us in the trial and appellate courts. Well done Governor Newsom!